About Me

I am now a research intern at Stanford University, advised by Prof. Jeannette Bohg, designing control policy for the novel non-humanoid gripper Roller Grasper-v4.
In the third year of undergraduate studies, I am honored to work with Prof. Yi Wu, working on bimanual cooperative manipulation.
Before that, I was fortunate to be advised by Prof. Yuan Shen and finished my first project in multi-agent formation control.


Chinese student visit Stanford and research in the summer. I am advised by Prof. Jeannette Bohg. (1/5)
Academic and scientific research talents training program hold by Tsinghua University (2/230)
Outstanding full-time undergraduates except freshmen. (2%)
Outstanding full-time undergraduates except freshmen. (2%)
China National Undergraduate Physics Competition (1%)
Tsinghua University Electronic Design Competition (1%)